About Us

Each year several innovative businesses fail within the opening months following their launch. The market is very hostile to ventures that are just starting out, and discovering success in the early stages is an intricate procedure that has seen many fall. Growth Strategies 101 aims to provide the ultimate guidelines for smaller businesses that wish avoid the pitfall, and that aim to eventually break into the mainstream market organically. The underlying logic behind the strategies has been borrowed from the sociological adaptation of new innovation into the market through stages of the Technology Adaption Life Cycle model.

Marketing unique and innovative products requires a different approach from the one taken when selling regular products. Our goal is to provide the insights to help set up for market domination through a systematic approach, which takes into account the behavior of each market segment – and help form the appropriate strategies that counter the characteristics of the segments. All the studies covered have been researched over an extended period, and highlight some of the most effective strategies that several multi-billion dollar tech ventures successfully applied when starting out.