Affordable Link Building & blogger outreach Services in Kenya

Are backlinks still relevant in SEO?

Yes! They are arguably the most important element of SEO. It doesn’t matter how engaging and well-built your website is – getting a good ranking on search engines likes Google and Bing is nearly impossible without a decent number of quality links.

The more high-quality backlinks you have, the better your ranking is likely going to be (emphasis on “high-quality” – meaning backlinks from authoritative websites).

Many years ago, before Google’s algorithm was as sophisticated as it is today, webmasters could easily manipulate the SERPs and get their websites a high ranking through spammy link building tactics like blog commenting and creating profile pages. But things are different now.

Google considers such tactics “black hat” and penalizes sites that are using them. Quality in link building is more important than quantity. A single link from a high DA (domain authority) website can be worth more than hundreds of links from low DA sites.

We are a trusted link building agency in Kenya with years of experience. We understand the value of building quality backlinks through manual blogger outreach. Our promise to clients is to always use 100% white hat tactics that will improve their search rankings. 

Through the relationships that we’ve established over the years with industry-leading blogs, we are now able to provide the one of the cheapest link building services to our clients.

Our link building approach

Step 1

We start by analyzing your website, understanding your backlink requirements, and then doing a manual blogger outreach to relevant sites.

Step 2

We then compile a list of blogs that are open to hosting your guest post. We'll take a look at each site's DA, organic traffic, backlink profile, and many other key details.

Step 3

After selecting the sites that we would like to work with, our writing team will submit an original article including your links.

Step 4

Once the article has been published, we’ll send you the live link – as well as our SEO analysis report and recommendations.

Differences between us and other link building companies in Kenya

  • Our SEO link building services are genuinely 100% white hat. We manually send outreach emails to relevant blogs. We truly believe that we are the best link building service in Kenya. We’ve got results to back our claims!
  • We understand the consequences of using PBNs and stay away from them at all costs. The last thing we would want is to put you at risk of getting penalized by Google. Most SEO agencies in Kenya unfortunately use PBNs but will never admit to it.
  • We don’t use automation at any stage of our link building process. Automation is huge in the world of SEO. It is used to scrape emails and send impersonal outreach messages, to spin articles and republish them on low quality sites, to spam forums, etc. All our work is manual because it gives us total control over which sites to work with and the quality of content that will end up getting published.
  • We are the cheapest link building agency out of all the top rated SEO companies in Kenya.

Some sites we have published on...

BASIC - $190

  • 3 guest posts
  • Manual blogger outreach
  • DA 30+ sites
  • Dofollow links
  • Permanent placement
  • Publication guarantee


  • 7 guest posts
  • Manual blogger outreach
  • Mix of DA 30 & DA 40 sites
  • Dofollow links
  • Permanent placement
  • Publication guarantee

PREMIUM - $600

  • 12 guest posts
  • Manual blogger outreach
  • Mix of DA 30 – DA 50 sites
  • Dofollow links
  • Permanent placement
  • Publication guarantee


Tell us how many links your looking to build and we’ll send you a custom proposal.


Why you should choose our SEO link building agency?

  • We have over 12 years of experience with SEO in Kenya. We’ll be more than happy to advise on any other challenges you’re facing.
  • We have successfully completed thousands of link building project for clients globally.
  • We are one of the most affordable link building agencies. Our links are more than 50% cheaper than other credible agencies.
  • Our link building service is 100% white hat. You’ll only get links from real sites with a high DA, obtained through a manual blogger outreach.


DA, short for domain authority, is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. The score ranges from 1 – 100. The higher a website’s score, the more likely it is to rank in the top Google pages. Websites with a DA of 40+ are considered very authoritative, getting backlinks from them can help improve rankings significantly.

Nofollow links are links which do not pass on authority to the sites they are linking to. For example, social media links are nofollow by default. Getting a backlink from Facebook or Instagram will not have an impact on your rankings. Dofollow links on the other hand pass on authority to the sites they’re linking to.

SERPs is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Result Pages”, a term used to describe a website’s search ranking on Google and other search engines.

Our turnaround time can range anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. The guest posts are usually published at the discretion of the blogs that we submit to. We don’t have much control over their publishing schedules.

It usually takes at least 6 weeks to see some growth in organic traffic from our SEO link building service. However, in some instances it may take up to 8 months. The time period depends on many factors, such as how frequently you update your site (e.g. by publishing new blog posts) and how many backlinks you are able to get. You’ll always want to ensure that when new content is released on your site, that you’re linking to it from other sites.

An important thing to keep in mind is that there are no guarantees in SEO. Through our link building efforts, we try our best to put you on Google’s good side by adhering to it’s guidelines. Anybody that tells you they can guarantee you a certain organic traffic growth in a certain time is lying (unless they created the Google algorithms). 

Link building should be an ongoing process if you’re looking to get your site to the top search engine pages – and keep it there. We recommend targeting around 3 – 4 quality links per week – that works out to 12 – 16 backlinks per month.

We accept most niches (as long as they’re not illegal/unethical).

Yes. The links are obtained only from high-quality sites with low spam scores. We don’t tolerate any black hat tactics.

Black hat is a method of gaining backlinks and search engine rankings by using techniques that go against Google’s terms of service. This is essentially what we call cheating, and it will more likely than not get your site banned from the search results entirely. Black hat SEO techniques are very risky to use.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are the standard every SEO should follow to ensure their site ranks high in search engine results. White hat links are links that can be considered safe for SEO. The best way to obtain them is through manual blogger outreach. Our link building services are 100% white hat. We acquire our links through guest posting.

Manual blogger outreach is one of the most effective ways to get relevant links to your website. It is manual in the sense that not every backlink comes from an automated software, but rather a human being’s decision – because it is an “outreach” to other bloggers.

Link building is important because it helps search engines figure out what your website is about. The more links you have coming into your site – the higher your website will rank. As a result of this, manual blogger outreach becomes even more significant, since it offers you an opportunity to obtain high quality links from relevant sites.

Manual blogger outreach also helps you build relationships with other bloggers, which will make the process easier in the future . Our link building agency has relationships with hundreds of bloggers around the world, which makes it easier for us to acquire backlinks through manual blogger outreach.

The key benefit of blogger outreach is that it allows you to target blogs that are closely related to your website’s subject matter. Relevance is so important in SEO. For instance, if you have a website that focuses on healthcare, most of your backlinks should also come from other healthcare websites rather than from business websites.