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Guest Post Guidelines – Business and Digital Marketing Write for Us

Are you a passionate writer on topics related to digital marketing, businessfinance, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, social media, and B2B marketing strategies for startups and small businesses? Here’s an opportunity to grow your audience within our community and beyond.

Growth Strategies 101 is one of the fastest growing online marketing blogs for entrepreneurs who are looking to start or grow their own businesses. We accept guest posts that add value to our readers. If you’d like to share your expertise and become a guest blogger, we encourage you to shoot us an email with your topic ideas (or the full article if you have it ready).

This opportunity is open to those who want exposure within our community and beyond. We would love to work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers, startup founders, bloggers, and anyone who can provide valuable insight for early stage businesses. Our primary focus is on digital marketing topics such as SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, etc. 

Your primary responsibility is to write a high-quality post that helps our readers improve their business practices and become more knowledgeable entrepreneurs. You must submit original content written in English which adheres to all of Growth Strategies 101’s guidelines for guest posts. We are looking for guest contributors who can cover the following:

  • Business + write for us
  • Digital marketing + write for us
  • Social media + write for us
  • B2B marketing + write for us
  • Content marketing + write for us
  • Email marketing + write for us
  • PPC + write for us
  • SEO + write for us

Why you should write for us

Publishing your guest post on Growth Strategies 101 will enable to to:

1.       Showcase your experience and expertise to thousands of readers

2.       Build your online profile

3.       Build valuable backlinks (you can add links in the article body and author bio)

4.       Get referral traffic

5.       Establish yourself as an authority in your industry

Guest Post Guidelines

Below are some guidelines to help you write relevant guest blogs that will be considered for publication. Please read through the list carefully, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

·       All articles must be 100% original. We don’t tolerate plagiarism

·       Your article should offer tips, strategies, techniques and analysis within your area of expertise. We give preference to “How To”, “Top 10….To….”, and “Useful Tips” articles

·       Article must be well researched, written in proper English, and free of any grammatical or spelling errors 

·       Paragraphs should not exceed 4 sentences

·       Minimum post length: 1,000 words

·       Do not include contact information within the article

·       Do not be obviously self-promotional

·       We allow a maximum of 2 relevant backlinks to your website

·       If you are going to use images within the articles, make sure that you have authorization from the owners to avoid copyright issues

·       Content that has been published on Growth Strategies 101 cannot be re-published anywhere else

·       Growth Strategies 101 reserves the right to make minor edits and adjustments to all posts where it sees necessary

·       Growth Strategies 101 reserves the right to turn down any article requests that do not meet all the requirements

How to Submit your Guest Post

We try our best to respond to every inquiry we receive (although it’s nearly impossible). If you send us your guest post proposal and don’t hear back within a week, don’t get discouraged, just send a follow up email. And if you still don’t hear back after the follow-up, feel free to publish your guest post elsewhere (our loss!). 

Please make sure to read and understand the guest post guidelines above before contacting us. You can send your guest post inquiry to our editorial team using the email below:

Sponsored Posts

We are a little more flexible with sponsored posts. Publishing with us will enable your business reach thousands of people every month. Our audience is largely comprised of marketers and business professionals from all corners of the globe. And if that’s not enough, you can add your social proof (testimonials and client logos) to our site at no extra charge. 

Shoot us an email at to inquire about our sponsored post rates.