Dataland X-Serial graphic card rx570 4G For AMD GDDR5 256bit PCI desktop gaming RX 570 video card for PC

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Dataland RX570 4G X-Serial

Effects support
VULKAN support
CHILL energy saving technology

X-Serial Warfare Dual Fan Fan Thermal System

Three heat pipes for efficient heat conduction
Protective backplane
Double ball bearing fan
Fan intelligent temperature control

Three Heat Pipes For Efficient Heat Conduction

High-efficiency thermal conductivity design of three heat pipes on copper bottom,
And with video memory and power supply auxiliary cooling function

Protective Backplane

Blackened backplane is equipped to effectively protect the graphics card PCB

Double Ball Bearing Fan

Large size double ball bearing fan not only has a longer service life, but also allows the graphics card to have better heat dissipation

Fan Intelligent Temperature Control

1.The graphics card has a fan intelligent start and stop function to make entertainment more comfortable
2.Low load, zero speed. medium load, moderate speed,.high load, medium and high speed.
3.X-Serial warfare materials,6+1 phase power supply.Fully solid-state capacitors and hermetic inductors provide ample power to the GPU core.

Dual BIOS Configuration

1.The user is facing the graphics card, and the left side of the lever is in high performance mode.The right side is silent mode
2.Two modes one-touch switching.
A BIOS high performance mode boosts the full potential of the graphics card for more powerful performance output
B BIOS silent mode reduces graphics noise and temperature to provide a comfortable gaming environment

Please Well Noticed

1.The Card is used,so it should have dust and marks on it .please do not place order if you mind.
2.The card is used,we only use brush to clean may have little rust on metal plat.please do not place order if you mind.
3.We fully 100% testing before delivery (and we have CCTV to review all the orders testing and packment).Makesure the card works fine when delivery.But it may damage when violent transport or Lpng-term wet is out of seller can control.Please Select “sent it back”for fully refund,and the dispute reason set to “Buyer just don’t like it”,then we will fully refund.Thank you for your fully understanding.
4.Please make sure your power(above 550W)is enough to support the cards.Insufficient power may cause “Can’t boot normally”,”Flower screen”,”Blue screen”.”crash”.we will not accept that kind of dispute (since the insufficient power issue).
5.A working PC platform also needs Motherboard,RAM,CPU,Power,Hardware…to supports.Please check all of the parts when the PC can’t work proprely.if any parts can’t supports,the card will also can’t works fine.
6.The card also can’t works properly when do not install a correct drive software.we will accept that kind of dispute.please do not place order if you don’t know how to correct install drive software.
7.Without correct drive software also may cause”Can’t boot normally”,”Flower screen”,”Blue screen”,”crash”.we will not accept that kind of dispute.please do not place order if you don’t know how to correct install drive software. may cause crash when the current driver software can’t support new cards.(for example,currently is AMD chipset graphic card,and install a NVIDIA chipset cards.).please re-install your system,and install the correct driver software.please do not place order,if you don’t know about it.we will not accept that kind of dispute.
9.Our test temperature is within 80 degrees,The test scores on the picture are for reference only.



Additional information

Brand Name


Item Condition


Interface Type

PCI Express 3.0 X16

Video Memory Capacity

4 GB

GPU Model


Cooler Type


Chipset Manufacturer


Video Memory Type


Products Status


Memory Interface

256 Bit

Core Clock(Mhz)



DirectX 12

Model Number

Dataland RX570 4G X-Serial



Memory Clock(Mhz)


Output Interface Type


Stream Processors




Power interface

8PIN Power Connector