Yeston Radeon RX550 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 DirectX12 video gaming graphics card external graphics card for desktop computer

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Hardware Installation
Turn off your computer and monitor and disconnect the power cord.Depending on your computer system, you may need to disconnect the cable going to the back of your system. Mark the cables so you can make sure you reconnect them properly. Open your computer by removing the cover/side panel
If you have other graphics cards installed on the motherboard, unplug and
remove it and insert the new display card into the PCI Express X16 slot on the
If the graphics card comes with an additional power input interface, please find the corresponding plug on the host power supply, and insert the graphic card, please use these adapter plug and connect the video card in order to provide enough power to the graphics card
Tighten the fixing screws on the card baffle to confirm that the video card is properly secured
Cover the computer case, re-connect all peripheral devices, and then insert the monitor connector on the corresponding interface on the graphics card
If you need to use the TV-OUT, HDMI, DisplayPort and other interfaces of the TV or display device, please check whether the graphics card has the corresponding interface. If so, connect the display device and the video card directly with the corresponding cable.

Installation troubleshooting

Insert the video card can not boot:
1, Please clean the motherboard PCI-E slot, may be useless for a long time lead to dust, resulting in graphics card goldfinger did not completely contact with the motherboard.
2, Please ensure that the graphics card is fully inserted into the PCIE card slot, and buckle a good buckle.
3, Please check whether the other accessories loose during installation of the graphics card.
4, Please check whether the video cable is completely plug into the graphics interface.
5, If the graphics card needs to power, please check the power supply is enough graphics card operation, if the power is not enough to replace the larger wattage power.
You can not install the driver after inserting the video card:
1, Please correspond to the graphics card driver download is correct.
2, If the previous use of different brands of graphics cards, the drive will be uninstalled and the motherboard button battery disassemble, put 5 minutes after the re-installed, clear the motherboard memory.
If you have any issue please feel free to contact us.
3, If the latest version of the driver is not compatible with the motherboard, please download the low version of the driver.

Drivers Installation

When graphics card installed, you should start to install drivers after the first boot of system.
YESTON graphics cards are divided into NVIDIA and AMD series based on the chipset, please download the appropriate drivers according to the model of your graphics card. You can follow the steps below to complete the drivers installation:

STEP 1: After the system starts, access the YESTON official website and click to enter the Product Center.

STEP 2: Please search the product box or the nameplate on the back of graphics card for the model of your graphics card. If the model starts with GTX/GT, click NVIDIA Series. If the model starts with RX/R, click AMD Series.

STEP 3: Step into the product page in accordance with the specific model of your graphics crad. Then click Driver download, and download the corresponding driver according to the edition of your operating system.

When the graphics card driver is downloaded, double-click on the application to start the installation, please follow the install wizard. When it is completed, you need to restart the computer.

Additional information

Brand Name


GPU Model

Radeon RX550

Video Memory Capacity

4 GB

Item Condition


Interface Type

PCI Express



Cooler Type


Video Memory Type


Stream Processors


Chipset Manufacturer


Chip Process

14 nanometers

Memory Clock(Mhz)

6000 MHz

Model Number

RX550 4G D5





Launch Date


Core Clock(Mhz)

1071 MHz

Output Interface Type


Products Status


Memory Interface

128 Bit


DirectX 12